The route is yet to be finalised, but it’s looking like 1,000 miles with 60,000m of vertical elevation.

I’ll be running with all my equipment, solo and unsupported.

I’ll stop for food where I can, in small villages along the route. I’ll also bag-up as much food as possible when leaving villages to last me through the times I’m in the wilderness.

Navigation will be handled by GPS – 3 devices – iPhone, watch, sat com device. I’ll bring a solar panel and a USB battery to keep everything charged. Sat com will provide live 10 minute interval tracking throughout the run.

The Route

I’ve planned the route from satalite images, elevation scans, and Chinese military maps. It’s not a known tourist trail. A big part of the adventure is the unknown element of the route and terrain, I’m sure I’ll alter my route as I progress, ask for suggestions from locals. Parts of the route goes through real wilderness where I won’t see a village for a few days at a time, and some goes through big urban areas where I’ll be able to restock and recover if needed. I’m planning on running between the 1,000m and 2,500m altitudes. 


My training consists of 4 days of long runs (at least 2 days back-2-back with bivvi overnight, 1 day British Military Fitness HIIT which includes extra running, 1 S&C with trainer, 1 S&C at home, 1 deep tissue massage a week, plenty of stretching and rolling, 1 rest/yoga day. I run around 55km a week as of mid-June and this will increase to around 150km over the next 3 months.